We have held the first official meeting of QuantumGrain with all the members. We have put together our lines of research to add efforts and synergies.

We tell you what are the initial purpose of our doctoral theses:

  • Joan Enrique-Romero use computational chemistry methods to study interstellar grain surface-related like radical-radical chemistry and reaction energy diffusion.
  • The aim of Stefano on his thesis is to study chemical processes on interstellar ice models using Density Functional Theory calculations and Ab inito molecular dynamics techniques.
  • Berta Martínez-Bachs will focus in the study of chemical processes involving nitrogen bearing species on interstellar ice models using computational chemistry methods.
  • The thesis of Jessica Perrero is calculating the binding energies of sulphur containing species (from here my interest in sulphur chemistry) with interstellar ice models.
  • Eloy Peña-Asensio will work on computational quantum simulation of physicochemical properties of meteorites and extraterrestrial materials lab analysis.

Stay tuned for our progress!